Websites are all responsive meaning that they adjust automatically to any device
be it your PC or smartphone, while maintaining legible text and an over all great
experience to those visiting your website regardless of device.


If this is your first website, please note that you will need a domain and hosting. Domain is the name of your website, such as if you had a variety of businesses and called the website and that would be your domain, also called domain name. Hosting is done through Cpanel, which is a linux based FTP - (File Transfer Protocol) site that allows your website to be viewed on the web. By clicking the link below "Get domain and hosting" you will redirect to VEHOST who offer great support and you can also have a live chat with an online assistant to help you with the process. Always make it clear that you want to register a domain and require hosting. This all together costs about R100 once off and then R39 hosting fee once a month you pay direct to VEHOST.

Lastly you will need to renew your domain name annually, which is around R85 for and around R195 for .com.

1 to 3 pages

In this package you get 1 to 3 pages for your website. This is only the website design. For the R1500 package I add in website submission and add your website to my site acting as a Directory for some basic SEO.

1 to 5 pages

In this package you get 1 to 5 pages for your website.  I add in website submission and add your website to my site acting as a Directory. Moving to the R2000 package you get the above and Generate a privacy policy for you. Keep in mind it is auto generated and may not cover all aspects of the POPI Act. I will add the Disclaimer and Ts&Cs as well to your site for peace of mind.

Over 5 pages

More than 5 pages on a website can be very time intensive and requires finding a lot more materials to make up the website. Once I have an idea of what you are in need of I can quote accordingly and also include the SEO of the website.

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I build websites for small to medium sized businesses. You can have a single landing page or more depending on your needs.